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Get Started

What to Expect

Once you decide to move forward with using The Braselton Event Center as your venue, you can expect the following:

  1. An Initial Consultation of one hour with our Planner/Director to review your wedding (or event) needs and wishes
  2. We'll set the date of your event
  3. Another six hours of consultation time leading up to your special day, as we assist you in implementing your dream
  4. Attention to every detail
  5. A team of experienced professionals who delight in creating memorable events

How We Ensure A Delightful Experience

We are here every step of the way, to guide you through the months leading up to your wedding day (or event), as well as directing and coordinating everything for you on your special day. Enhanced by the lovely landscaping, weddings in our garden are divinely picturesque!


Our Policies

Nothing may be taped, nailed, tacked, screwed, stapled, glued, or attached with other adhesives to the walls, ceilings, moldings, door or window frames, window treatments, furniture, or chandeliers.

Due to the beautiful décor, very few floral and/or greenery arrangements may be needed. Check with the staff for recommendations. All rental equipment, decorations, floral arrangements, and greenery supplied by the client must be removed immediately following the event unless the staff has given prior approval.

For the safety of our clients, their guests, and the natural wildlife, the following items are prohibited: confetti, glitter, potpourri, fireworks (other than sparklers), silly string, rice, and lavender. Items such as birdseed, fresh flower petals, bubbles, and sparklers are permitted outside only

The client and the client’s vendors are responsible for removing all items brought onto the premises, such as decorations, floral arrangements, and equipment for catering or entertainment. Items cannot be stored on the premises for future pick-up. The Braselton Event Center cannot assume responsibility for items left on premises by the caterer, florist, musicians/DJ, photographer, guests, or client.

If you have reserved The Braselton Event Center for your wedding/reception, there is no additional charge for a wedding rehearsal or a bridal photo sitting if the facility has not already been previously rented. The client should inquire about space availability for rehearsals or photo shoots at the time the application is submitted. One hour is allotted in each case. There is no guarantee that the evening before a wedding will be available for the rehearsal.

The Braselton Event Center reserves the right to insist that the client, florist, DJ/musicians, guests, and photographer leave the premises per the contract agreement. An hourly rate of $250.00 will be implemented for overtime. You will be charged a full hour for any portion of time beyond the scheduled rental period. All evening functions must be over at 11:00 pm and the premises vacated by 12:00 midnight.

Smoking is permitted outside only. Sand urns are provided. No smoking is allowed anywhere inside The Braselton Event Center, including the bathrooms.

Client Liability

Any individual or organization using The Braselton Event Center is solely responsible for any damages that may occur during an event and expressly releases The Braselton Event Center from any liability resulting from theft, damage or injury associated with the event. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to furnish evidence of a client’s insurance coverage.


The Braselton Event Center has a designated parking area to the left of the property for guests. Additional parking can be arranged at a short distance from the property. The client may obtain a shuttle service, if necessary, to transport Guests to and from a local hotel.


Arrangements can be made for extra tables, chairs, tents, audio/visual equipment, and many other items to accommodate your guests at additional cost. Please list all equipment necessary on the application. A staff person will verify the cost and availability of the equipment and discuss it with you.

If a function replaces existing chairs and/or tables for an event, there will be An additional fee of $200 for removal, storage, and reinstallation. Use of the Braselton Event Center sound system equipment is an additional $150 fee.

Wedding Director / Coordinator

The staff of The Braselton Event Center has over 28 years experience in all areas of the wedding and party planning. Please let us know what services you will need. We can help you with all the details.

Alcoholic Consumption

The Braselton Event Center allows the serving of alcohol. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a professional bartender hired by the caterer or client. Bartenders must sign a statement that they have read, understand and adhere to the Alcohol policy of the Braselton Event Center.

A bartender is required to adhere to all laws and to request proper identification of any person of questionable age.

A fee of $300 is applicable to cover the expense of a police officer hired by the Braselton Event Center.

A ratio of one (1) bartender per every 75 guests is required.
Guests are prohibited from bringing their own alcoholic beverages, as well as from self-serving any alcohol.

The bar will close 30 minutes prior to the bride & groom’s departure to allow the bartender time to remove all beverages from the premises and dispose of all containers, boxes, and trash related to the bar.

Alcoholic beverages can only be served after the wedding ceremony. If the bridal party wishes to consume alcohol prior to the ceremony, approval must be obtained prior to the date of the event.

Caterer's Responsibilities

All caterers must have copies of their business licenses, certificate of insurance, and proof of workman’s compensation on file with The Braselton Event Center before catering a function.

Caterers will supply the necessary equipment such as dishes, pots, utensils, knives, cloth and paper towels, storage bags, foil, garbage bags, and detergent, etc. for the catering jobs.

Catering shall bus all tables to keep the facility free of accumulation of used glassware, flatware, china, etc.. during the event. Catering staff should be in a ratio of one (1) staff person per every 25 guests.

Caterers are responsible for cleaning the kitchen (sinks, countertops and oven) and mopping the floor after the event.

Caterers are responsible for any damages to kitchen equipment due to misuse and abuse.

If the caterer’s insurance does not cover damages to the facility, the client will be held responsible for any damages.

Tablecloths, napkins, and color selections are included with your rental. Other items such as overlays, chair colors, and specialty fabrics can be rented through the Braselton Event Center for an additional fee. If the client wishes to purchase or rent linens from another source, the client must notify Braselton Event Center to be sure that the adequate quantity and sizes of linens are ordered and placed on tables in a timely manner, prior to the arrival of the caterer, cake(s) & florist.

*Be sure to give your caterer a copy of these responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location capacity?

We accommodate up to 150 guests.

Are Outside Vendors Allowed?

Of course. We encourage the use of our Preferred Vendors; however, the client is allowed to hire vendors of their choice.

Can We Bring Alcohol?
Certainly. If alcohol is provided, there is a fee for a police officer and all bartenders must abide by the alcohol policies. You are also responsible for providing any required state & local permits for special event alcohol sales.
What's Included With the Rental Fee?
  • Seven (8) hours of use of the facility on the date of the event.
  • Tables and chairs to accommodate up to 150 guests in the ballroom.
  • Decorative mirrors, vases & candle holders.
  • Up to 150 white garden chairs for the outside ceremony. Extra chairs, as well as upgrading to wood or Chiavari style, can be provided at an additional cost.
  • Six (6) hours of consulting time with the Wedding Planner/Director to assist in planning and conducting the event.
  • A one (1) hour rehearsal.
  • A friendly, professional staff that will guide you every step of the way, so you can relax.
  • Choice of 50 table linen colors to match your scheme.
  • 3 hours of decorating time on the day before the wedding.
What Other Types of Events Are Hosted at the Braselton Event Center

Anything you can imagine . . . From bridal luncheons to anniversaries, birthdays, political events & holiday parties. Our gardens and exquisitely appointed facility offers so many possibilities!

How do couples get access to the 10% off discount for active military, veterans, and first respondents for weddings?

Simply send us a couples photo of the person in uniform as proof of your service.